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Infrastructure Consulting & Integration.

The Infrastructure consulting and Integration services and solutions from Sync help customers to build responsive infrastructure solutions including networks, data centers, messaging systems etc to meet the critical needs of today's businesses.

Sync provides customized infrastructure consulting services to help customers architect, build, manage, and optimize the IT infrastructures. These consulting services are typically short term and focused engagements that can provide customers with tactical and strategic recommendations in many areas of the IT environment and Sync takes pride in owning up the recommendations that the consulting services bring up and is fully capable of implementing these recommendations as separate projects for its customers.

Sync's global system integration relationships with major infrastructure vendors give it the capability to source, supply and implement hardware and software solutions.

The vast experience that Sync has in the infrastructure consulting and Integration services reflects in the robust engineering lifecycles that it has developed for each of the services. These engineering lifecycles ensure the quality of the methodologies being followed and the deliverables of any projects. This also ensures that the quality experienced by our customers is consistent across the various services that we provide.
Leveraging from its position as a leader in infrastructure service provision, Sync has brought in innovative delivery models and extended its global delivery model to the infrastructure consulting and integration services.

The list of consulting services that we provides include but not limited to:

  • Data Center Optimization / Consolidation services.
  • Infrastructure solutions - Architect & Design.
  • Database services.
  • Network services.
  • Performance Engineering Services.
  • Disaster Recovery solutions.
  • Enterprise Voice and Contact Center services.
  • Process Consulting - IT Operations.

Enterprise application services.

Enterprise applications are the fulcrum of the IT set up in an organization; they are key process enablers vital for business operations. As enterprises embark on their transformation journeys, a reliable IT application backbone becomes essential to manage the requirements of an ever evolving business.

Sync's Enterprise Application Services Practice (EAS) proactively assists organizations in their business transformation initiatives. EAS enables your enterprise to manage its value chain across the broad areas of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM).

EAS offers services across the application life cycle around commercial and open-source enterprise systems such as SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Siebel, Clarify, i2, Ariba, Manugistics, Salesforce.com and JD Edwards, Compiere, Adampiere Bazaar, OpenBravo, SugarCRM and OpenTaps. EAS has invested in building solutions through vertically focused Centers of Excellence developing industry-specific solutions, productivity enhancing process automation tools, solutions accelerators and IP assets, helping EAS deliver measurable business gains to its customers.

Enterprise Business Integration.

In today's collaborative business environment, organizations need to integrate their business processes, both internally and externally across the value chain to maintain their competitive advantage. Enterprise Business Integration (EBI) links the IT applications driving these business processes together providing complete, transparent and real-time access to information, in order to realize financial and operational advantages. With a rightly deployed EBI architecture, organizations will be able to focus most of their efforts on creating core competencies rather than spending time on workflow management.

With a unique combination of domain, technology and process expertise, Sync can help clients achieve world class, robust, highly scalable and business process driven EBI architecture to address business requirements. Sync has a wealth of experience in EBI and has a dedicated team comprising of lead architects, application designers and developers who have strong business and technology focus.

Sync's service offerings in Enterprise Business Integration help provide the following:

  • Maximizes benefits from investments in existing systems.
  • Enables business change through flexible underlying information technology systems.
  • Provides global enterprise visibility of information and business processes.
  • Extends supply chain visibility.
  • Reduces systems/IT total cost of ownership.

Business Process Solutions.

A key part of cultivating growth is controlling the costs of things not germane to your core business. You need to reduce the cost of business processes by using automation technologies and moving workload to cost advantaged locations, or around the world.

Sync's Business Technology Services group offers business solutions catering to the demanding needs of the business. The solutions address the specific business concerns alongside offer advantages of alternative delivery and flexible pricing models.

Our professionals work with your professionals and blend strategic, operational, and educational expertise to create powerful solutions to resolve productivity and quality problems. We combine industry experience and effective business processes to support your company in achieving improvements.

We assist in refocusing improvement goals, analyzing process and product problems, defining timelines and measurements to improve your profitability through the following proven techniques:

  • Lean & Six Sigma Evaluation and Implementations.
  • Delivery and Customer Service Improvements.
  • Inventory and Labor Cost Reduction Programs.
  • ERP/MRP System Utilization Improvements.
  • Operational Effectiveness Evaluations.
  • Strategic Planning and Facilitation.

Enterprise Security Solutions.

It is imperative for organizations to guard against all kinds of information-security breaches as security has become an intrinsic factor to business growth, competitive advantage, protect the brand value and retain customers. Many organizations report financial loss due to security breaches, resulting in business loss, making security a top CIO concern.
While investing on security, a top priority is cost rationalization between "preventive" and "reactive" measures, with a need to obtain optimal ROI.

Further, IT systems availability and recoverability in case of any disaster is also now a crucial part of the IT security portfolio.

Sync provides consulting, design and development, and security management services across the value chain of an end-to-end enterprise security lifecycle. The prime goal is to enhance the ROSI (Return on Security Investment) of our customer by enhancing IT security, reducing administration, operational costs and improving productivity.

Legacy Migration.

For customers who need to migrate their applications across platforms "The Sync Migration Process" is a structured and proven approach that facilitates migration in a reliable and predictable manner. Unlike more expensive and ad-hoc solutions from our competitors, our process reduces overall risk, uncertainty and cost of such large migration exercises.

Mobile Applications & Solutions.

Sync a leading provider of mobile phone software solutions. We create innovative applications that let users maximize their phone's potential. Sync closely cooperates with other players in the mobile phone market. Our main focus is developing mobile applications and sophisticated solutions for enterprising business customers and GSM operators. The key to our success is having a deep working knowledge of mobile phone technologies and a very professional and creative team.

E-Business Solutions.

eBusiness is the practice of using Internet technologies to interact with your business partners. These may be customers, suppliers or perhaps employees who work remotely or are always on the move.
Your eBusiness application might allow your business partners to:

  • Place orders.
  • Query stock levels.
  • Track progress on their jobs and orders.
  • Call off bulk order quantities.
  • Tell you how they can satisfy your supply demand.

The application may include, for example an Intranet / Extranet portal, database integration, E¬mail alerts and notifications, mobile web tools or an electronic data interchange system (EDI).

Comprehensive planning, with attention to detail, is the key to creating successful eBusiness solutions. Sync's strategic planning gives you the big picture, while project planning sets out the minutiae of individual projects, and scoping and feasibility studies provide the preliminary investigations you need to help you decide how, when or whether to undertake a particular project or not.

Sync's proven planning methodologies, together with our experience over hundreds of solutions, will lower project risk and maximise the return on your eBusiness investment.

Portals & Content Management .

Portals dynamically present information from various sources of information and data providing a
user friendly view of the enterprise. The portal in-fact allows the users including customers, employees and vendors to self serve the enterprise information suitable to their working needs. Portals with their features enhancing use and collaboration today present an increasingly useful channel of business for enterprises to reach out to their customers.

With a glut of information and the number of applications that enterprises have, effective aggregation and content management through the use of enterprise portals has become very crucial in maintaining a uniform flow of relevant information through a one-point source. Portals have become de facto the main business model acting as a key differentiator for many businesses.

Portals and Content Management (PCM) practice of Sync, provides consulting, design development, integration and support services for portal services and content management solutions to its clients across a multitude of industries. Sync's innovative portal solutions have enabled our clients develop newer business models, increase revenue, customer satisfaction and reduce operational expenses from newer channels of reaching customers.

Sync's Portal solutions enhance value to customers through consulting and innovative offerings in areas of search, usability, e-commerce and e-mobility etc; Our content management offering spans the enterprise content management needs including Document Management, Web Content Management, Digital Asset Management, imaging and e-Learning / Knowledge Management.

Testing Services.

Sync has a dedicated Testing Services business unit, which focuses on independent Verification & Validation (V&V) projects. This unit has developed robust and repeatable processes to ensure that Syncs Verification and Validation services are of consistent high quality. Our solutions are tailored to meet client specific needs and are focused on delivering results that provide true business value.

Recognized as a world-class testing service provider, we have strategic alliances with leading testing tools vendors. Our service portfolio includes life cycle testing, test automation, specialized testing and test process consultancy. We enable our customers to deliver reliable and quality software by providing end-to-end testing ensuring lower TCO, faster time-to-market, increased productivity through automation, and robust processes.

Sync has in-house testing frameworks and ready-to-use point solutions that help our clients meet up these challenges successfully. Sync has successfully implemented Testing as Managed Services (TMS) TM to ensure end-to-end testing ownership for our clients.

We provide testing services to cater to various segments in the Technology and Enterprise segment. These include Retail, Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing, Telecom Service Providers, Telecom Equipment Vendors, Embedded Systems, Distribution, Government, Health Science, Hospitality, Media & Entertainment, Travel & Transportation and Software Products/Applications, leveraging on our strength in software services.

Syncs V&V team complements customer teams to enhance their testing tasks. Our proven methodologies enable us to perform assessments, create and conduct tests that are carefully designed, comprehensive and precisely focused on each business case.

Quality Consulting.

Erratic fluctuations of market, constant changes of environment and completely unpredictable behavioral patterns characterize today's business world. With IT having become the central point around which today's businesses orbit, optimum levels of efficiency and effectiveness of the IT environment has become imperative.

A vital underlying factor in this situation is that the quality of output of all IT functions is of the highest order, with no room for lapses. A loss of quality in any output can have catastrophic effects on the entire business. The need of the hour is the availability of an end to end Quality solution that addresses all the process needs of an organization and ensures maximum Return on Investment.

Sync Quality Consulting endeavors to Improve IT Value and IT Governance for customers, using custom built process solutions, giving customers a 360 degree all round solution to address all their process needs.

Leveraging on home grown and offshore expertise, our consultants provide world class consulting in the areas of Software and Systems engineering, Operations Excellence and IT Governance.
Alliances and technical partnerships with world technology leaders enable the consultants to leverage on automating and digitizing processes and several unique innovations.


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